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shrine to debauchery

accomplice of tohru adachi
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moved; don't bother looking

before you pm me, please ensure i have not already addressed your concern.

if you are messaging to warn me about somebody being nasty to/regarding me, i appreciate your concern but third grade was a long time ago and honestly i don't care. one day they too will realize that real life is fun!

if you are messaging to ask for copies of my old fanfics, please don't. i know they are floating around somewhere, and i don't care if you get them from someone else, just don't ask me.

if you are messaging to ask for copies of _likespunglass' old fanfics, again, please don't. if someone expressly states that they do not wish for their fics to be redistributed, they have the right to do so. i cannot help you.

if you are messaging to be ridiculously and stupidly invasive, don't waste your time.

if you are messaging just to be an ass, then by all means.

if you are messaging because we were friends once and have lost touch, if i knew you in some other capacity, or if we probably should have known each other and sadly never did, PLEASE MESSAGE ME! i probably miss you (or should miss you) terribly.

if you are messaging to tell me why the hell i am still getting pms in 2011, i look forward to your message most of all!

love, hontou madoff, blasphemous serial killer